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Here’s some helpful information about moving pool tables

Pool tables should be moved by a professional with an industry backed guarantee. Because moving a pool table on your own is quite a difficult task, you’re going to need the right kind of help.  When you want to “find a cheap pool table mover” , you will most likely end up with an unprofessional person mishandling your pool table. This is why it is very important to know what your pool table must undergo to be successfully disassembled, transported and installed safely and correctly.      

Learning how to move a pool table

It takes time to properly learn how to disarm and install a pool table. 6 months is an acceptable estimate of time in which a person is considered to have the right knowledge and understanding of correctly moving a pool table.

There are many things that have to be done while moving a pool table. Such as removing the pockets, detaching the rails, freeing the felt, separating the slate etc. and without the proper tools and techniques, something will go wrong. Especially if  you are looking to hire a cheap installer. However,  you are most likely going to need some help and assistance, and  professional pool table movers can get the job done. In our service, American Billiard Installers Association, we offer something no other company has in the industry. This service includes an exclusive guarantee, which covers any damage if caused while moving and installing your pool table. This way, you can feel completely safe, and satisfied with what you are paying for, since our company as been around since 1973. So feel free to call us at 877-619-8790 if any further information is required.

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Thinking about purchasing a pool table relocation service for your billiard table?

Our team of professionals have experience with almost any type of pool table relocation.  There are many options in the industry to choose from but we recognized a weakness decades ago.  The cheap pool table mover.  They promise you the world, tell you whatever you want to hear to get your commitment, then deliver average to poor results.

We have been dedicated to protecting the customers interest for over a decade, we do it with out industry exclusive pool table service guarantee issued by the ABIA.  We have dealt with some of the best and worst pool table installers over the past 20 years and we have established a method of protecting the customer with an guarantee and customer service level that is unheard of in the country.

Our Pool Table Setup Guarantee

Our extensive 1 year service guarantee applies to the installation or setup of your billiard table.  Installers will tell you that they guarantee their work, we even have clients tell us they can get the same service that we provide for less money,  this is not true.

No one in the industry offers the guarantee of service that we do.  Why?  Because we have worked with almost all of them over the last two decades.  Everyone guarantees their work, before the job.  The problem comes after the job happens and you discover a problem with your pool table setup.

The most common problem that we hear from customers about not receiving the guarantee that they were promised from a cheap pool table mover is that they don’t want them back in their home.  That’s pretty serious!  Yes, unfortunately it’s very true.

There are a million excuses a cheap pool table mover will use to get out of honoring their guarantee,  and they use them all.  We don’t allow this to happen.  When you purchase your pool table setup from SOLO Pool Table Movers, you can be sure that the written guarantee that you receive will be honored, period.

Our Billiard Table Services Guarantee Covers Almost Everything

Pool table installation

Pool table setup

Pool table leveling

Pool table refelting

Our pool table refelting guarantee is unique because we not only cover the installation of the material, but we also cover the pool table felt for AN ENTIRE YEAR.  Ask your cheap pool table mover if they will guarantee the material that they use for an entire year AND come back and replace it free of charge if you have a problem 6 months down the road.  If they say yes and they are not giving you the ABIA Guarantee in writing,  they are simply lying.

The average cost of a pool table refelting service runs between 350 and 700 dollars depending on material, table size, type and condition.  Nobody but SOLO can offer this protection and coverage to you.

We have had our clients best interest in mind since 1999, we have the only real guarantee in the country, and we actually honor it.  Call us to order your service now.

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