They hired a cheap pool table mover!

Pool table movers that don't know what they are doing

Their cheap pool table mover cost them dearly!

Why oh why do people make decisions so poorly?  I tell people about the risk in our industry, I tell them cheap is not the best.  And what do they do?  They turn around and hire an amateur because it cost less.

Everybody wants a diamond ring but they don’t want to pay for it, they want their pool table moved for next to nothing and go with the cheapest bidder which should raise huge red flags in the mind of the consumer but it doesn’t.  And the following story often becomes the result.

Pool table collapsed
Actual images from event

The smart customer that found the best bargain.  I like this story.

A customer called me and she was in a panic, she said she needed help right away because her pool table fell down when she pushed on it to try to slide it across the floor while she was cleaning.

she was worried about what her husband was going to do because it was his pool table and he took a great deal of pride in it.

As she described the situation to me I asked her how hard she pushed on the table she said she barely touched it and the pool table just collapsed under its own weight!  It  was a beautiful Brunswick pool table probably with a retail value purchase new around $4,000 depending on the dealer and the people that did the work before, or the original installation, the customer found their business card under the pool table.  Told me who it was and I said  “You don’t have to say anything else, I know them well.”

I knew that they’ve been in business at least 10 years, they’re very cheerful on the phone they make you think they really know what they’re doing but obviously they don’t.  The damage caused to this table by these kids is horrible.

You have to understand that when a company / person doesn’t charge enough for their work it tells me two things:

1. They don’t think high enough of their business to grow it and their work will reflect the same.

2. There will be no interest in doing the best job possible or honoring the work that is sub standard when you have a problem after they are gone.

Here's what saving money on your pool table move will get you
Save money! Call a cheap mover.

The thing about it is that these guys are really cheap!  I mean really cheap so these folks had this company come out and they probably shopped around then went with the cheapest price and then got a big surprise!

So then they called us and of course we had to come out in the middle of the night to fix the problem but we did it, we took care of everything the table got put back together and we made the repairs and of course the people paid us more than they paid the other company that actually caused the damage to the table in the first place.

Yes you will have to pay for quality,  I’m really sorry.

So rather than spending a fair amount of money for a quality company to move their table in the first place they actually had to have two services done from two different companies and I can guarantee you to get the situation resolved including the initial company that was the cheap one these guys are out of pocket over $600.

But even after all was said and done, the customer admitted they hired a cheap company to save money in the beginning but then turned right around and said that we were too expensive.  Well I guess it’s just a frame of mind that isn’t going to change anytime soon for her.

Pay the money,  get it done right the first time, get the service guarantee and this isn’t going to happen to you.

I can’t stress enough how much money you can save yourself by paying for the right company to move your pool table.

For Pool Table Movers….. The Norm Is The Best Of The Worst!

Classic pool table mover type

Why do I do what I do?

I am sad to say I have to dump another pool table mover in Florida.  After you work with a guy for a period of time he starts leaving little breadcrumbs along the way that I pick up on very easily.  You see, I’ve been dealing with these guys longer than a lot of them have even been in the business so I know all of the signs that scream bad business practices!  This guy is the poster child for crappy pool table movers and totally deserves everything he’s got coming from a decline in customer business.  I’m happy to oblige.

The signs of a terrible pool table moving company

Generally and unfortunately in the pool table business the customer really is picking from the best of the worst.  Our industry is small enough already without having to worry about if the person you are dealing with is constantly broke, truck breaking down, 3 hours late to all appointments, demands money before the job is done etc…  In dealing with hundreds of pool table movers over the last 15 years I can honestly say that their inability to run an efficient business gives me an edge with our customers.

Even if the customer get’s screwed I guarantee my services in the event the pool table mover just decides to be a jack ass.

What you the customer are really up against

The bottom line for you, the customer,  is that you are up against some pretty tough odds when you pick up that phone.  I’ve already discussed why choosing the cheapest pool table mover is the largest mistake.

At least I can say for my customers that dealing with me will eliminate the risk of having a terrible experience.  I do whatever I can to make things go smooth and sure, there always is something that can come up but nothing that can’t be resolved.  Sure I’ve had 3 customers complain over the past year but that’s to be expected, it’s not humanly possible to satisfy EVERY customer.

The guy I have to hang out in the rain in Florida has has more complaints come in about him than my business has had the past week and I handle about TEN TIMES MORE VOLUME THAN HIM.  I can give the benefit of the doubt for so long then I have to think about my customers experience and how it impacts my business and reputation.

He’s on his own from now on.  And it feels good. Dude if ya can’t hang in the biz world I’m going to turn out the lights on ya.  Da market will punish the unprepared and ignorant.  That’s what it’s there for right?

Experienced Pool Table Movers, Yea right!

How do you really know if you’re hiring an experienced pool table mover?

Well…… You don’t.  Unless you protect yourself and get our industry exclusive service guarantee.  It’s really the only insurance you have.  Believe me, after 25 years in this business, I know.

I’m 41 years old and I always chuckle when I’m talking to a pool table mover for the first time and they tell me they have 15 years experience and they are in their mid fifties.  They have no idea that the kid on the other end of the phone has been working in the biz longer than they have.

Hiring a cheap pool table mover?

Here’s an example of an “Experienced” but cheap pool table mover.  Story goes, this person ordered service on his pool table, move and recover.  This job could be a 4-600 dollar job.  Well the installer or “Experienced pool table mover” who did the job made a little error.  This is a common example of lack of experience.

As you can see the rail cloth was incorrectly cut and installed.

inexperienced pool table mover

Nice huh?

How happy would you be after spending 500 bucks on this job?

The thing is that when the customer asked the installer to come back and replace the cloth the installer said he didn’t have the money to buy another piece of cloth!

Now that’s customer service!  Doing business with installers covered under the American Billiard Installers Association guarantee will always protect you in the event this happens to you.

Exactly the thing I fight against every day in this industry.  Our industry is full of low quality people living hand to mouth, and people wonder why we don’t discount jobs.

Well, this is what you get when you go cheap, that’s why.