Used Pool Table Buyers Guide


Don’t make any mistakes buying your used pool table from a private party.  This extensive and easy to read guide explains what to look for, how much it should cost, and many other details about pool tables.  We go into detail about how to determine if a pool table contains 1 or 3 pieces of slate or if the table you are looking at has bad bumpers and will need much more investment to fix after your purchase and how to identify different types of tables.

Don’t get surprised with an additional 500 dollars in expenses after you own the table!  This is just a small sample of what is contained in our Used Pool Table Buyers Guide.

Written by an installer who was born into the business and has worked 30 years in the industry moving and selling pool tables.  You will know everything that will get you not only a good deal but a safe one too.


SOLO® Pool Table Movers – Used (and new) Pool Table Buyers Guide

  • What type of pool table is best for you?
  • What size is best for your gaming area?
  • Why are some pool tables more expensive than others?
  • How do you determine if a pool table is slate or not?
  • How do you determine the quality of the bumpers?

These are just a sample of what is contained in our Used Pool Table Buyers Guide.

Shopping for used pool tables for sale?  This ebook will help you make the best decision when you finally make your purchase.

This easy to read, the condensed book contains non-technical information about pool tables so you can understand what is needed to effectively buy a pool table and not get a bad deal.  Even if you are looking for a cheap pool table for sale, our information will tell you how to identify different types from cheap pool tables to more expensive billiard tables that are currently for sale near you.


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