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$ 14,000.00

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Rare very fine Brunswick-Balke-Collender pool table, circa 1920's is both structurally and aesthetically beautiful table. (Includes BudLIght Hanging Lamp &+INSTALATION by SOLO Pool Movers.
This table exudes unequivocal strength and sheer beauty in it’s stature and fine details and ornamentation. Four massive legs, which are 12” square at the base and taper up to 8” at the top, support the framework of the table. The sides of the table are tongued and grooved and reinforced with a 3-ply veneer with inlaid wood.
The Brunswick-Balke-Collender billiard table features top notch quality 3 piece 1” thick slate, ensuring accurate game play and a true ball roll. The cushion rails, which are also made up of compound construction, give this pool table strength and stability. The rails are decorated with ivory round sights and the signature Brunswick metal nameplate.
The Brunswick-Balke-Collender pool table leaves nothing out when it comes to the finer details. Gorgeous and intricate inlaid décor is displayed along both the sides of the table as well as the legs. The table boasts beautiful black and gold holly and pearly inlay on the aprons and the legs. The overall table is a handsome Mahogany color, which has been hand rubbed to a dull polish.
A true work of art and piece of Brunswick history.
We will pay SOLO to move & properly install, level the table, reseal the seams and screw holes, smooth out the surface, and apply the existing felt back on the table. SOLO's liability insurance covers you in the event of any damage to your pool table or property. All this with a 12-month Service Guarantee.
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