moving a pool table by yourself is not recommended

Another “Move a pool table by yourself” job

So should you move a pool table by yourself?

When considering to move a pool table by yourself, please read the following e mail which is most commonly recieved after someone tries to move the pool table without a professional pool table mover.

I just received this e mail, one of many I get every week about problems with doing it yourself or getting it done cheap.

Hello – I currently have a Brunswick table for my team that has been damaged due to a move.  It is likely not even fixable, but wanted to try and see if I could get a quote.  I am not sure you service my  area though, so that is my first question Jeff.  Please let me know and I am happy to have a call or send you pictures etc if that would help narrow down what can/cannot be done to help this poor table.

All they had to do was call us.  Another case of not hiring a professional.