weight of pool table

How NOT to move a pool table

There should not be any videos on line like this that say “How to move a pool table”

They can’t be farther from the truth!

The first idea is always the worst.  It’s my first is worst qualifier.

In this video what is shown is what almost everyone thinks after they buy a pool table.  Note the way these guys are carrying the table.  I’m watching it an waiting for it to fall apart while they are carrying it to the truck!  Well if they were successful in moving the pool table into the new house, I can assure you there will be leveling problems.  Call a professional!

Worst possible way to move a pool table video (new window)

Imagine they just paid the owner for the pool table, moneys gone.  BAM!  They carry it to the U-Haul truck and just before loading one of the aprons where they are carrying it breaks off.  Table drops on guys foot,  OOPS, strong guy ends up with broken foot, pool table broken beyond repair.  Dude the thing is that I am a professional, I”ve been doing it for 20 years and I wouldn’t even touch a pool table like that.

Recent owner looks at the buyer and says “Sorry man there’s nothing I can do.”  “Your own risk.”

Posted By Jeff Black