How to Move a Pool Table

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Pool tables should be moved by a professional with an industry backed guarantee.  When you get out of this area and stray into the “move it by yourself” and “find a cheap pool table mover” categories of your mind, you are taking a risk.  The best answer I have found in over 20 years in the business to the question of how to move a pool table is to hire a pro.

Learning how to move a pool table

How to move a pool table. Not this way.It takes a new technician months to properly learn our trade and the craft requires tools that are not ordinary.  I used to have a 6 month mandatory training time period of on the job moving and repairs before I would even start to consider a person had the knowledge and knew the proper methods to move a pool table before ever letting them go into the field by themselves without supervision.

Pool table moves include professional pool table tear down, transportation and set up with pro-table leveling. We move your pool table using the existing pool table cloth if it is in good condition. Guaranteed satisfaction and leveling on applicable pool table moves with ABIA guarantee*.  We can move pool tables from residence to residence and for businesses also.

Looking for a pool table? You should check our used pool tables catalog!

Send your move, repair or service / set up description below and we will send you costs for your job.

If you try and do this by yourself it is possible with several hours of researching how to move a pool table and in some cases days in trying to do it right only to end up in calling a professional and paying the price for installation.  It happens all the time.

We are the only Pool Table Mover & Billiards table repair contact in the industry who offers our exclusive service guarantee from the American Billiard Installers Association.  We are experts in billiard repair, all services are family businesses and operated locally with the highest trained technicians and professional pool and billiard mechanics available.

We specialize exclusively in Billiards and Pool Tables full time, all year long. Highly trained and skilled Billiard Mechanics backed by the only organization in our industry.  Now you know how to properly move a pool table,  I hope.

We offer full billiard and pool table service, repair & moving, consultations and peace of mind when your job is done right.

Pool table installs, you shouldn’t have this billiard repair done cheap, here’s why.

We do professional set ups and installations of pool tables also. Call for rates.

Want to know how much it costs to move a pool table?  This page will help you in your search.

Recovering the pool table

We can recover with standard or Simonis / Championship Tour Edition also. Pool Table Cloth Colors

Our technicians understand the quality standards of the BCA.

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