Hiring A Cheap Pool Table Mover

Hiring A Cheap Pool Table Mover. What Are The Risks?

Are you shopping for a pool table and are wondering who you should hire?  Are you shopping around for the best price so you can find a cheap pool table mover?

The event below is what our company works toward fixing every day.  When I received this e mail in my inbox from a customer who had a cheaper company do their move or installation of their pool table, I had to post it here because it’s exactly the type of customer experience we do everything in our power to prevent for the potential pool table customer moving their table.

We will need to omit company information because they tend to get a little pissy when people searching for pool table movers see this type of thing online.  The e mail is below.

3 piece slate in need of leveling

From: patxxxx xxxx <xxxxxxxyahoo.com>
Subject: 3piece slate in need of leveling

Message Body:
Greetings. Curious as to price on re-leveling an 8′ Murray 3 piece slate table. along the right side, in the racking area, slow rolling balls drift/gravitate towards the center.  enough to be irritating.   Felt and rail rubber were replaced less than a year ago.   I know its also missing BeesWax in the joints – because COMPANY NAME Billiards moved it and the tech didn’t have any on hand.  (I will never use ASB again).  I don’t believe missing beeswax is causing ball drift. not sure if it is the alignment of the felt or an issue with the slate.  I am in Canton Michigan and would like to get this resolved.  Thanks in advance for your time

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Ann Arbor Pool Table Movers (https://annarborpooltablemovers.com)

An unhappy customer who had their pool table moved

The first question.  Why was the person doing the installation unprepared?  Believe it or not this happens ALL THE TIME and I’m sure the company quoting the job and that actually did the work was one of the cheapest around so if this customer did call the pool table service company I’m sure they weren’t in a big hurry to rush out and make the customer happy.

Our organization is backed by a complete year written service guarantee issued by a national organzation.  The ABIA so had this happened to this customer if he had purchased the service with us he would be happily taken care of with NO EXTRA COST out of his pocket.

The consequences of doing business with cheap pool table movers.

Number 1 A cheap pool table mover is cheap because they have nothing to justify charging appropriate pricing, because they are too busy trying to take business from other companies and all they have is price to try to take that business.

Number 2 They forget the seam filler for the slates.

Number 3 They probably don’t have the experience and equipment to properly do the job, that’s why the customers table is not level.

OF COURSE HE DOESN’T WANT THEM BACK.  Why?  Because he doesn’t want any more problems.

The consequences.

This customer now has to make a decision.  Play on a poorly installed table or PAY MORE to have the job done right.

The cheap pool table mover isn’t looking too cheap anymore.

If you want a company to get your job done right with an industry exclusive guarantee that protects you for an entire year please contact us through our online form or give us a call at 877-619-8790.

Our 7 day per week support staff is here to make sure you get the proper service and are satisfied and avoid what happens every day when you deal with cheap pool table movers.