This guy had a really innovative sales pitch. He said….

I had to find another pool table mover

In reality I talk to a dozen or so pool table movers and installers in a day.  In some cases the normal guys that I use may be on vacation or having vehicle issues or whatever else keeps them from being able to work with the schedule of my clients so today was one of those days and I had to find another installer for a pool table customer.

The table needed to be moved by the weekend, my normal guys were all booked up so I started calling around.  I reached this person who actually gave me options to move the table at different price levels.  I’ve never heard of anything like that before and I listened in amazement.

He gave me two options to move the pool table

First of all he was very polite and professional, I don’t normally get that when calling on pool table installers but it was a pleasure to talk to him.  The table was a 9ft table and needed to be moved from one part of the city to another.

My pool table moving options and his sales pitch

He used scarcity a little to try and get the job so he said he was trying to fill a couple of spots in the next couple of days on his schedule. (I’m sure this was a put on and he says it to everyone to close the deal on the phone, I actually thought it was brilliant.) He added that if I didn’t select the first two job spots the price would go up which I expected once he started talking about the prices to move the pool table.

1.  He would do a 1 man move for 225.00, he shows up with his truck and takes the table apart, I would have to provide 1 person to help him carry and load, then he get’s help at the other location to install the pool table.

2. He provides a 2 man move for 300.00 and he takes care of the whole thing.

The catch was I had to book tomorrow or the next day to get that pricing, after that the prices would go up to 275 and 350.

That’s the most interesting twist on booking with a pool table mover that I’ve heard in over 10 years.