cheap pool table mover

You want your pool table moved cheap?

Go cheap? You want this guy in your house?

I’m not afraid to tell you something you don’t know.  Our industry is full of really shady people.  I’ve been ripped off so many times by companies and pool table movers I’m surprised I’m still in this business.  I think the reason is that I have a genuine desire to provide a good quality service with good quality people to good quality customers.  I enjoy it immensely!

Look if I can provide just 1 job per day and give a customer a quality experience coupled with an excellent installation and the person is happy.  That’s great!  Mission accomplished.

I talk to so many people every day that want to move their pool table.  They think it’s no different than moving a couch and they always think the best option is to find the cheapest pool table mover. Some of those customers call me back so we can fix their mistakes caused by the cheap pool table mover they decided to go with.

What are some of the problems that a cheap pool table mover causes you ask?

  • Table’s not level
  • Slates popped up
  • Pieces of the table falling off
  • Cloth coming up and bubbled
  • Slate seams not done correctly
  • Balls jumping off rail
  • You got mud on my carpet
  • table got scratched during transport
  • Guy didn’t show up and I’m closing on my house
  • Movers were 2 hours late without a call
  • Guy charged me more after the job was done
  • Guy demanded more money while my table was in his truck and he won’t put it together until I pay him more
  • Guy took my rails back to his shop to change felt and he stole my Brunswick rubber and put cheap rubber on
  • Rails not aligned properly

Man I’ve seen it all and the list could go on and on.  One thing these customers have in common is that they called me, didn’t like our price and wanted to save 50 bucks and went with the cheap guy.  Now they can’t get him to answer his phone.  This is sad but common.

The guy tells them oh yea I’ll stop by when I’m in the area, weeks go by, the customer calls again, he get’s defensive and either tells them it’s not his problem or he’ll come out soon.  That’s the last conversation they ever have with him.  I figure most of them won’t call me because they know it’s going to cost them even more out of pocket than they would have paid by just getting the job done right with our exclusive guarantee.

In the pool table moving business a man’s prices are a reflection of his business quality and his dedication to his customer.

If you find a company that is the cheapest in town or even average in comparison with the rest of the group in the area it only means one thing.  You pay for quality in this business, and just paying a little bit more will ensure you don’t end up with a guy coming into your house that you wouldn’t let your daughter go to school with, some guy on drugs, chewing on his tongue asking for the entire payment up front because he doesn’t have the capital to buy cloth for your job.

if you choose the cheapest pool table mover you do so at your own risk.

Cheap or average priced pool table movers provide you cheap and average customer service and quality.

A man who is the cheapest provider in town doesn’t have enough gas in his tank to make it to your job!  What this means for you is when you receive this low priced service and it’s not right, he damn sure aint gonna come back and fix his mistake for free baby!  He’s gonna stop answering his phone, blame it on you or tell you to get lost.

I’ve seen it a thousand times.  Don’t go cheap, pay the extra 50 bucks to get the best service,  when was the last time you got the best of something for only 50 bucks huh?  I mean 50 bucks over the course of a year is less than a penny a day.  You gonna risk your quality installation for less than a penny a day?  That’s what I thought.