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For Pool Table Movers….. The Norm Is The Best Of The Worst!

Why do I do what I do?

I am sad to say I have to dump another pool table mover in Florida.  After you work with a guy for a period of time he starts leaving little breadcrumbs along the way that I pick up on very easily.  You see, I’ve been dealing with these guys longer than a lot of them have even been in the business so I know all of the signs that scream bad business practices!  This guy is the poster child for crappy pool table movers and totally deserves everything he’s got coming from a decline in customer business.  I’m happy to oblige.

The signs of a terrible pool table moving company

Generally and unfortunately in the pool table business the customer really is picking from the best of the worst.  Our industry is small enough already without having to worry about if the person you are dealing with is constantly broke, truck breaking down, 3 hours late to all appointments, demands money before the job is done etc…  In dealing with hundreds of pool table movers over the last 15 years I can honestly say that their inability to run an efficient business gives me an edge with our customers.

Even if the customer get’s screwed I guarantee my services in the event the pool table mover just decides to be a jack ass.

What you the customer are really up against

The bottom line for you, the customer,  is that you are up against some pretty tough odds when you pick up that phone.  I’ve already discussed why choosing the cheapest pool table mover is the largest mistake.

At least I can say for my customers that dealing with me will eliminate the risk of having a terrible experience.  I do whatever I can to make things go smooth and sure, there always is something that can come up but nothing that can’t be resolved.  Sure I’ve had 3 customers complain over the past year but that’s to be expected, it’s not humanly possible to satisfy EVERY customer.

The guy I have to hang out in the rain in Florida has has more complaints come in about him than my business has had the past week and I handle about TEN TIMES MORE VOLUME THAN HIM.  I can give the benefit of the doubt for so long then I have to think about my customers experience and how it impacts my business and reputation.

He’s on his own from now on.  And it feels good. Dude if ya can’t hang in the biz world I’m going to turn out the lights on ya.  Da market will punish the unprepared and ignorant.  That’s what it’s there for right?