The one who pays the cheapest price……

Will often need the job done twice


It’s not the first time this will ever happen and it won’t be the last

You’ve been there before, you did your research, found the cheapest contractor or web developer or whatever it was and after you had your super smart decision of a provider finish the job you start to notice…… something is not right.  Something is a little off?  You can’t quite put your finger on it or maybe you can but it’s obvious that you didn’t get what you expected.

So you were pretty smart, you took their word over the phone for all of the work and expectations, they told you they were going to do everything perfect and you saved a nifty fifty bucks in the process. Couldn’t be better right?  Well, not in every case.

I have been working with a gentleman now for two weeks.  It’s taking him TWO WEEKS to make a 300 dollar decision, well he know’s he’s going to spend the money so it’s actually all over a fifty dollar decision.

He’s called me three times about his pool table move.  I’ve given him our very fair pricing but it’s never good enough.  He wants just a little bit more money off of the deal.  The fact is he thinks he’s found a better deal and will save 50.00 off of moving his pool table.  It’s becoming painfully obvious that he’s already spent that in his own time and mine by answering question after question for him, sending him information and trying to gain his business.

Waste 100 dollars to save 50 on his pool table move

The thing is that this guy has HOURS into this deal and he still won’t commit to having us do the work.  He’s called everyone in town and eventually I know that he’s going to settle for the cheapest guy.  I’m less and less eager to help him every time he calls.

My point is it’s fifty bucks!  Fifty dollars over the course of a year is less than a penny a day!  You’re going to risk the work of the cheapest guy in town over less than a penny a day?  What if your pool table doesn’t play right?  What if he doesn’t come back.  I hear this all the time.  “The guy said he would come and re level the table when he was in the area but now he’s stopped answering my calls and I just need you to come and help me out.”  Yea that’s right, he isn’t going to come out because he aint gonna do nothin for free sweetie, he didn’t charge you enough to offer that kind of professional customer service and he’s too busy trying to make his 200 bucks on the next job.

Don’t spend 3-4 days trying to save what ultimately could end up costing you an additional 200 if the job isn’t done right and you need someone who has the know now, experience and runs a solid business to come and fix the issues the cheapest guy causes due to lack of experience or flat out patience.  It’s just not worth it.  It’s risky behavior and not intelligent, it’s a bad investment to go with the cheapest guy.

It doesn’t work for pianos or pool tables but it works great for apples!