Pool table mover screamingi into phone

I would tell them but they wouldn’t listen, pool table guys

Some days I just throw my hands up

When I started working with pool table movers it was my intention to find quality pool table movers for my customers.  I am very patient with them but some times my work is such a headache.

Most of the people I work with are very professional and have a good idea about pricing, knowledge of pool tables etc.  Every once and a while I reach out to a real dandy.  You see I have been working on tables all of my life, I know what they need to know in order to make a good decision on price for the customer and the scope of the job so I do the best I can to let them know what they are getting into.

Boy was I in for it today! These pool table movers were the cream of the crop!

Most pool table movers only need to know a little information.

  • Is the table a 3 piece slate
  • How old is the pool table
  • What size is the pool table
  • Where the pool table is being moved to and from
  • What type of pockets does the table have

This will give a seasoned guy plenty of information, well I forgot to mention they do like to know if there are stairs or not as well.

So I was calling around for some pricing today and besides the fact that it took these two pool table repair / movers over an hour to call me back.  (I get really pi55ed about having to wait for my information and when they do call back I have taken so many calls I don’t even remember what I called them about.) They also wanted to school me for a half hour on the phone about how many years they have been doing this type of work and all of the information they needed on the pool table.

Listen I’m about business and making things easier on my customer is my main objective.  I try to tell them my family has been in the billiard table moving industry for 40 years but they don’t listen, they are too busy yapping their chops about this and that and this and that.

 If I let them go on I’ll be wrapped up in a hundred dollars of my time, missed phone calls and my phone battery will be dead!

And don’t even think I’m sending this guy into a customer situation!  He’ll talk to me longer than it takes him to do the job and god help anyone in the area while he’s working, he’ll be there for 7 hours telling everyone his stories.  People don’t want to hear all of someone’s garbage they want in and out,  my customers want information and they want their jobs taken care of professionally and efficiently.

I just don’t even bother with these guys, my experience is that after you let them gab your ears off for an hour they give you a price then after the job is half way done they decide “oh here’s something you didn’t tell me I’m gonna have to tack on an extra 50 bucks.”   No pal that’s not the way it works, you ask the questions and price the job, you don’t change things because you think I withheld information.  You can save the sucka stuff for another guy.

Drives me batty, like I said I’d tell them I know every aspect of their jobs but they wouldn’t listen.  I just wanna give my customers the best service as quickly as possible so they can get onto the important things in their lives.