Don’t call me, it’s too much money

I usually get over 20 phone calls per day to move pool tables.

Most of them won’t book their job with us.   The simple fact is that people are always looking for the cheapest price.  When you put that together with the fact that most people operating in our industry are either frauds or horrible at running businesses I don’t have to tell anyone with any level of intelligence that it often ends in a terrible experience.

cheap pool table moverJust because I take 20 phone calls a day and deal with pool table movers every day…. geez you know what?  That’s a lot of jobs to price isn’t it.  Let’s see 20 x roughly 360 days per year.  (I take a few days off a year.) That’s about hmm…. Yea like 7,200 phone calls per year for pool table moves and installations.  Well don’t take my word for it anyway, I know my industry and going cheap is not the way to go.

I just had another call today.  I had my pool table installed and the slates are all out of wack now.  Hmmm.  OK so why is it out of wack?  Did you move it?  No,  the guy that did it must have done a bad installation, now I can’t get in contact with him.  Well after you paid that cheap price do you expect us to come out for free and fix it?

He won’t be having us come out, he’ll find another cheap option and roll the dice agian.  I’m sure of it. 

Do you use professionals or amateurs for your services?

I Learned a long time ago that if you do business with cheap people you’re going to have a cheap experience, well some people live in that type of world so it’s good for them to surround themselves with cheap people.  If you were being tried for a crime that you didn’t commit would you want to hire the cheapest attorney?  They guy that says “Just hire me dog, I need to pay my rent!”

I don’t think so. 

How about having a surgery or having a baby?  Would you go to the hospital and say, hey listen people I don’t want to pay too much so can you find me the cheapest doctor you can and then ask him if he can do it any cheaper.

Dude come on and get real.

I try to be as honest as I can with these people.  For example a guy called me today and I have him our professional pricing and introduced him to our 12 month service guarantee.  He told me he had found a much cheaper price from a guy and he just couldn’t get a hold of him now.

Dude get a clue, if you can’t even get in touch with him to give him your business what do you think is going to happen if your table isn’t installed correctly.  You think you’re having a hard time talking to him now?  If that isn’t a red flag I don’t know what is.

We have a few professionals in our industry, use em man!