Pool table movers, you get what you pay for. Well not in this case

An example of what the cheapest pool table mover in town can get you

I had a guy laugh at me today because he said our prices were too high.  The fact is that if a customer is not a quality customer it’s going to make my business look bad no matter what I do.  I can’t lower my price on a pool table move, offer an exclusive 12 month service guarantee and still give the best service.  It’s not possible! I was checking some search results today and found this article from Yelp.com.  I can’t stress enough that you want to do business with professionals.  This is very important in our business, we’re not moving rocks around and just because a guy tells you he’s the best doesn’t mean he’s going to follow through with your order, especially on the low end of the price range.

From Yelp.com. Customer review

Here’s  a link to the business page

9/29/2014 Mellisa J writes

After having this vendor re-felt our pool table, we decided to purchase a pool table cover and felt cleaning tool through them.

We never received the product. We purchased the items on May 22nd, because they only take payment up front. The cover was supposed to take 3 weeks for delivery. We reached out to the vendor several times after the 5th week of waiting receiving multiple excuses about the cover company being closed for inventory review and then receiving the wrong cover and then the company closing down. Once he said he had the cover, we had a set date on when he was going to deliver the cover and he never showed up. After over two months of waiting, we decided to just ask for our money back. Because of it being past 60 days he was unable to issue a credit back on to my card, so he said he would send a check. After almost 3 weeks of waiting for the check, we decided contact American Express to dispute the charge. During this process, it was often difficult to get a hold of the vendor. This was a very frustrating experience and I do not recommend working with Sheehan Billiards

2nd Customer review on Yelp

2/13/2014 Kim H writes

Paid for new pockets over 3 months ago and guess what …. nothing should of went with the gut.  This guy is a rip off and didn’t do a good job on the felt either

And this is the funny part about this pool table mover

This guy actually took me for 200 dollars as well a couple of years ago on a job. This is what you’re up against people.  A teacher of mine used to say, “Pay me now or pay me later.”  Going with a cheaper provider isn’t worth it.  Here’s proof of what I know about our industry that most customers don’t.  I just wish I could reach them all so this type of thing could be avoided. Would you rather go with a guy who is known in the industry, does his best to try and provide the finest quality to his customer or would you rather go with some unknown cheap pool table mover because you’re going to save a little money? I keep sayin an dat’s all I can do.