My father passes away. The life of a pool table guy

Saying goodbye to my father

As I write this I feel such sorrow for my father who spent the last 10 years in a living hell.  He was a pool table mover, he taught me everything I needed to create a good business and take care of my family.

24 hours ago I learned of his death.  I am mourning the loss even though I was adopted and I know I never was anything to him.  He did pass on his motivation and skill to me which I expanded on.  This has been a tremendously difficult 5 years for me knowing he was losing his mind,  suffering from diabetes and living with a woman who turned him against me because she wanted his business and assets.

My father Larry Ross Black passed away on the 30th of September.  His girlfriend did not notify anyone of his death and went so far as to tell the cremation service that he had no next of kin which she knows is false because she made threats to me by mail when I lived in Oregon.  I am in a hurry to travel to my home city and take care of my father.  This woman has left my father in the crematorium with no intention of taking care of his body.  I will meet up with her soon.

I just wrote this off to an estate attorney.  This sums up the life of a pool table mover.

I am flying to Portland tomorrow to arrange cremation for my father.  I have not spoken with him about his estate or anything in over 7 years.  He has spent this time with an emotionally unstable woman who at this point has left his body in a crematorium since Tuesday with no contact to initiate any plans for his body.

The woman told them there was no next of kin which she has good knowledge that I am alive and do exist.  I think she is hoping she can pawn everything he owned before I get word of his death but I have heard from people in his trade that he had passed and I am making arrangements with the crematorium at this moment.

My Father was in a business where he collected antique games and I don’t know if he ever made a will but at this present moment I believe the woman is probably in a rush to try and sell off all of his storage units, household assets before she is found out.
I wish to talk to you about this and what my rights are.
I will be arriving tomorrow night and can be reached at 503344xxxx but you can reach me via email.  I will pay a consulting fee but I really just need somebody to help me determine what I can do at this point and how to discover assets such as bank accounts, SS benefits, stocks, and bonds, transferring of property and the like.  I am the only living relative of my father, he is not married, divorced twice and I do not know if he owns property at this time.  There are particular things that he wanted me to have but he started losing his mind about 5 years ago, I know he would have held onto several of those things and in his memory, I wish to obtain them.
Thank you,
Jeff Black