It’s not my fault, but it’s my responsibility

The busy season must be starting in the pool table moving business

Pool table movers are getting sloppy, and I’m the one having to pay the price.  Well at least someone has to make things right with the customer.

For some reason the installers that I’ve been working with are just not making my life easy.  I do guarantee all of our services to customers I set appointments for, it’s too bad the installers don’t.  They all say they do but when push comes to shove and a customer notices an error the first thing the installer says is “That was like that before.”  We’ve all heard that before haven’t we?

Traditionally our industry is a terrible mess of drug users, alcoholics, bad business practices and more.  I even talked with an installer who failed to tell his customer what form of payment he would accept and then threaten to take one of the parts to the customers pool table if not paid in cash immediately. Come on what type of people are we dealing with here?

This was the main reason I founded the American Billiard Installers Association, to raise standards in the industry.  It scared the crap out of everyone that heard about it.  Why?  Because there are so few companies with actual business ethics and standards in our community of pool table people.

Last week I was hit with the following.  Remember I am only a pool table appointment setter and I guarantee the services a customer gets.  I also do everything in an effort to help installers gain business.  In most cases it is a one way business relationship and not in my direction.  I can deal with it though, I’ve been around long enough.

  1. Installer late on a job, failed to call and confirm appointment with customer or advise them they would not take a check or credit card, refused any other form of payment other than cash then stained their carpet.  Good experience huh? Well guess who has to deal with it? I do.  I fixed the situation but this is just an example of what I stand for in the business.
  2. Last weekend an installer had two scheduled appointments, one on Saturday, one on Sunday.  MISSED THEM BOTH.  Excuse?  “I didn’t know about it.”  Yea right buddy.  You just run a horrible business, face it.  I’m totally dumping this guy, no more free money from me pal.  Survey says:  YOU SUCK!
  3. Here’s my favorite.  Installer broke a rail in transit and apparently had a difficult time putting some screws in the table.  AND when the customer caught him trying to STAPLE HIS BUSINESS CARD TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE POOL TABLE she asked him not to do it because it was going to ruin the finish on the table.  He did it anyway.  He made 250.00 on that job.  I’ll be out of pocket 600.00 after I take care of his mess, when I talked to him about it he had nothing to say.  Weasel.

In all of these cases the installers have all walked away from their obligations to fix the problems they have created.  This doesn’t surprise me at all, been in the industry too long for that.  This actually has been the worst week for installer mess ups in over 10 years for me so I should be thankful.


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